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Acknowledge your positive ego and use it.

Many are inclined to depreciate themselves either because of unhealthy relations or just not feeling “good enough” for a longer period in life. Our self-esteem is important for us in order to feel alive and tap into the drive that keeps us on our toes. Low self-esteem can easily result in poor life quality because we get less social. We tend to sit at home and hide which only enhances the already low self-esteem. It can lead to profound loneliness and it’s a continuous vicious spiral.

In this workshop, you will learn the importance of cultivating a positive ego and observe how you think about yourself, how you react in certain situations and especially in situations where your self-esteem is under pressure. Maybe you will see yourself in a new and kinder light and rethink your behaviour so your positive ego can flourish and you get the opportunity to recognise your own value and develop.
The workshop consists of physical Yogic tools derived from asanas combined with Yogic Psychological tools. Govind classes are always based on principles of Ayurveda, Yoga & Astrology and take place in easy-to-understand English. Both beginners and seasoned yogis are welcome.

This workshop will be in english.