Yoga & Meditation

An individual journey towards your inner


“Real meditation is actually not something you teach. It is something that happens. It’s depth, effect and wisdom is impossible to describe with words. But the results is always visible and even the slightest effort to make the mind calm is rewarded”

Govind Radhakrishnan


We teach meditation techniques
that will suit both beginners and experienced


Govind has received individual spiritual guidance by various spiritual masters. One by one they helped him reach deeper states in meditation. And one by one they stepped aside when he started to reach his main teaching through the universal source of spiritual wisdom by very advanced states of meditation. This is one of the main reasons why Santhi Yoga doesn’t follow one main guru, one main technique or one path. We feel blessed, humble and responsible for our experiences in meditation and the fact that our inspiration is from an eternal source of wisdom. Due to this, we consider ourselves as instruments rather than teachers. We pass on tools for you to reach meditation and enjoy the uncountable benefits on the path.

Training the mind

We teach meditation techniques that will suit both beginners and experienced meditators in the group classes. We use different methods such as mantras and jaba-malas to focus the mind. In our longer courses retreats each person will get guidance and techniques according to his/her needs and challenges. The training process expresses itself in different ways. On a personal level you may describe it as an individual journey towards your inner layers of existence. You learn to observe the mind and you start to experience how your experiences, emotions and life relations are controlled by the mind and highly affected by the level of “unneeded traffic” in mind activity.

Benefits and experiences

You get closer to an understanding of your personality both through the actual practice and also through one of the main benefits: increased awareness and more neutral observation of you actions, reactions and relations in daily life. You strengthen the path to your deeper layers of universal awareness and hereby the contact to the part of your existence beyond the “I – consciousness”.

The experiences from this point will be individual and we prefer not to describe the deeper states too much since it is very hard not to enter a mode of comparison and “desire to experience”. It is important not to try forcing “meditation maturity” by desire of experience. Observe what comes and be open to what happens in your particular stage of life. You will slowly start to understand yourself in a new and deeper level.

Yoga Asanas & Pranayama

“Yoga Asanas is not about forcefully trying to reach a physical posture. It is about getting the benefit of a position which works in subtle layers of your body and existence.”

Govind Radhakrishnan

Asanas & Pranayama

(Breathing Techniques & Physical Postures)​
Asana practice is the practice of physical positions – the part that a majority of people believe is yoga. But actually asana practice is most of all a tool to open up “what yoga is all about”: to make you go deeper into the peace within yourself and to go further on your spiritual life path.

Our approach in asana practice is deep and soft. Each position is done calmly in coordination with breath and with body-mind awareness as well as awareness about the effects on chakras and prana (life energies).

You don’t need a tuned and flexible body in order to get deep benefits – it is actually more important to have a neutral observing mind in order to go deeper into the positions. In our asana classes you will learn the benefits of the positions and also get individual guidance in order to know which positions you need for your aims and challenges.

Pranayama is the practice of breathing techniques and can be translated as “controlling or moving the life energy”.

It is a very important part of yoga to work with breath and prana (life energy) and it is one of the most effective tools to access the subtle layers of your existence. With yoga asanas and the first level of pranayama (breathing exercises) we purify the body and stabilize the mind to make you able to sit comfortably in meditation. Yoga asanas and pranayama work on many levels and will also heal your psychological and physical problems as well as improve the depth and output of your meditation.