Spiritual Yoga Paths

In this path you cannot compare your results with the neighbor and you cannot compete in any way. In most modern societies comparison and leveling is a fundamental thing. We often like to know how far we are from the goal or how good we do this or that or when we reach to this or that level. This takes us away from the actual progress in spiritual development. It limits our awareness of the present moment and limits our presence on the spiritual path by trying to do or to become instead of to be.

We all actually already have the knowledge and wisdom inside. We just need to turn to our deeper awareness inside and discover it. That may not be the easiest thing to do. But we serve as instruments to help you in this process.

The four main categories of yoga


Our teaching is based on individual approach and it is crucial to us that each person has different needs and selections in his or her approach to yoga, the highest union. What we share and teach are paths to expand your spiritual consciousness. Different persons will be drawn into different paths and in a group people may have very different needs in terms of what tool of yoga is best suited for them.

Our guidance fall into the four main categories of yoga:

Raja Yoga (inner experience)

Focus on unveiling the universal knowledge within through deeper meditation and pure ego-less meditation.

Bhakti Yoga (devotion)

Focus on the cultivation of love and devotion toward God/Self /Universe through actions and attitudes of devotion.

Jnana Yoga (knowledge)

Focus on understanding scriptures and philosophy of yoga through mental understanding.

Karma Yoga (life-action)

Focus on performing life actions without aiming for the fruit of the action.