Yoga & Individual Approach


“The creator has not made any photo copies. Each individual is unique. In the same way – each person needs different tools and guidance. And even the different physical positions may change shape from person to person. Just like our body shapes are different. Funny enough it seems to be difficult for people of modern society to step beyond comparison. But this is a must on the spiritual yoga path.”

Govind Radhakrishnan

The word “Yoga” is often known as the physical exercise but in its original form yoga is way beyond what most people imagine. It includes various aspects and yoga-postures are one of the fundamental parts of these.

What we share is based on the experience and wisdom we reached through deeper meditation and life experience. We feel blessed to have met many great spiritual masters on our path and having received unique inspiration and guidance. We don’t follow a linage of gurus or a certain categorized style or discipline of yoga.

To us, yoga is a spiritual discipline that can never be certified or categorized by “levels”. The most important thing to us is to be truthful to the most ancient tradition of teaching spiritual knowledge; the individual approach.

By approaching the spiritual seeker individually we find the best way to help awaken the awareness from within. This is where the real life journey starts since both life and universe are reflected through our individual perceptions.

We always start by examining the individual person’s body and mind constitution, discuss lifestyle and “life luggage”. The more open and dedicated the student is, the more precise and personal is the guidance. The result is a long lasting bond of confidence and trust in the student-teacher relation.

This is very important to us and to the spiritual growth of the individual student.