About Us

“Santhi” and “yoga” are two Sanskrit words. Santhi means peace and the meaning of yoga is “union”. In the Indian spiritual frame “yoga” is a spiritual knowledge about how to reach the highest union; not only by different yoga and meditation practice but also by experience, understanding, values and attitude towards living.

In Santhi Yoga we aim to bring about experience of both inner and universal peace with the tools of yoga, meditation and spiritual guidance. Through the experience of inner peace we wish to open up awareness about the higher universal union which unites all living beings. We believe the world is one and we consider our work as bridging cultures with spirituality as well as nurturing the individual student’s personal spiritual growth.

Formed in 2007

Santhi Yoga was formed in 2007 by Govind Radhakrishnan from India and Anna Marie Houe from Denmark. We met in India in 2006 where Govind was Anna Marie’s spiritual yoga and meditation teacher. At a certain stage during this intense process in the role as student and teacher we became clear that we had a life mission together; to teach and guide spiritual seekers with the instruments of yoga, meditation and spiritual guidance.

From 2007 – 2013

We had our main base in a yoga studio in Copenhagen and in 2010 we made our first spiritual retreat in India. We found that the frame of an intense retreat was unique for us to unfold our teaching and sharing and we saw amazing results in the retreat participants. Since then we continued to offer spiritual retreats on a yearly basis. From 2013 Santhi Yoga has two bases since we established our Sadhana Guest House in Tamil Nadu, South India. Here we give retreats and live with our two children each autumn and winter. During spring and summer we offer courses, satsangs and retreats in different parts of Denmark and Europe.

Spiritual development

In our lives spiritual development is not a matter of cutting off mundane life, daily duties and interactions
with day-to-day issues. It embraces family, friends and work and it blossoms in the present moment.
To us, yoga is not a leisure activity. It’s a way to embrace life and unfold love, truth and peace.