Mini LIVE courses with Govind online

Get personal guidance to zoom in and take one more step on your path to living a more vibrant, peaceful and satisfied life.

The sessions include

  • A personal pre-introduction
  • Lesson or sharing on a specific subject
  • Practical tools to apply in your daily life
  • Personal advice and individual guidance
  • Opportunity to ask questions to Govind online after the class.
  • Maximum 6 persons per class

Read more about the courses, how to use Zoom and how to book below

Zoom In

Zoom in to discover a specific theme or to overcome a challenge with online guidance by Govind. You get a package of two online live sessions aimed at your specific needs and motivation described in your personal registration. With a maximum of 6 participants in the therapy based courses each person will get personal advice, answers and tools to apply in their daily life.

The Zoom In courses vary in theme and kind, but all courses are built by two sessions with a one-week gap in between. During the week you will get “homework” in the form of exercises, tools, reflection techniques or other tools to zoom in.

How: we use the online meeting program ZOOM where you see and interact with Govind live through the camera on your computer, tablet or phone. When you have registered for the course you will receive link 24 hours before the course starts.

You need: mobile phone/tablet/computer, yoga mat, blanket, notebook and pencil.

After your registration, Govind will ask you to fill out some information about yourself and your motivation to join the course by mail. The more details Govind has of each participant the better he can tune in the course for your needs.

Note: maximum 6 participants in each therapy class

See the upcoming ZOOM IN courses below


Dates: 24th & 31st of May 2020

Time: 15.00 – 16.00

Price: 300 DDK/40 EUR/440 SEK

During my travel in various parts of the world, I often meet people who suffer from sleeplessness. The reasons are many but the roots can often be traced down to two common courses that serve as petrol for the mind and body to keep you from sleeping. Those are our target to Zoom into in this course!

In this course I will share my experience based on yoga, Ayurveda and many cases of individual therapy sessions on this specific theme. On your registration you inform me about your need, your experience and your case of challenges with sleeplessness. During the course I will give you personal feedback and ask you to practice some simple tools, habits and maybe lifestyle changes in the week between the classes. We will work with breathing techniques, positions for deep relaxation and you will get a guided relaxation sound file to use at home.

Morning Ritual & Sun Salutation

Dates: Sunday 7th & 14th of June

Time: 09.00 – 10.00

Price: 200 DKK/28 EUR/293 SEK

In this mini course you can hear how Govind suggests you to start a morning ritual in order to frame your everyday life with a spiritual frame. When practiced daily you learn that it doesn’t take much effort but makes a huge difference in your life. Yogawise, you will practice the ancient sun salutation postures to wake up the body and breathing techniques to start the day with a peaceful mind.

Govind will furthermore tell how he made his own rituals lighting a lamp, telling ancient mantras and praising the five elements. After this, you have inspiration to make your own personal ritual frame based on what brings up peace inside you.

You will practice your morning rituals for one week and have a sharing and feed back session with the other participant in the end of each class.

Digestion problems

Dates: Sunday 21st & 28th of June 2020

Time: 15.00 – 16.00

Price: 300 DDK/40 EUR/440 SEK

Stomach problems? Are you bloated, constipated or having issues with acidity and heart burn?

In this mini course you get inspiration to find your personal cause for your digestive problems.
The stomach is not only the part that converts nutrition into building blocks of our physical body – it acts like a mirror of the condition of your full being.
By creating awareness and connection to yourself through basic yoga, meditation and breathing techniques you will get to understand your “full being” better. Govind helps you to analyze your internal and external climate which helps you getting closer to the roots of your digestive problems. Furthermore, you get guidance on diet, herbs and spices that helps your specific digestive problem.

All this will lead you to being able to cure your stomach disorders as well as learning from them; the same disorders that creates loss of control and irritation for you may be the “guru” that reminds you to find back to your real path.
Are you ready to try out a little program to help you to work with your digestion and stomach?

The Spiritual Sun Salutation

Dates: Sundays 21st & 28th of June 2020

Time: 09.00 – 10.00

Price: 200 DKK/28 EUR/293 SEK

Meditate into oneness philosophy

Most yoga practitioners know the sun salutation as a physical series of yoga postures. In this mini course Govind reveals how the ancient Indian wisdom opens many deeper layers of yoga – through a deeper practice of the sun salutation. Learn how the different physical positions have deeper philosophical meaning and how it is an amazing example the links between the physical layers of yoga, the meditative layers of yoga and even the connection to the movements of the universe. Get ready to get a deeper experience of the oneness that the ancient spiritual yoga (the union) want to teach us.

Get grounded – balance your vata

Dates: Wednesday 15th & 22nd of April 2020

Time: 15.00 – 16.00

Price: 300 DDK/40 EUR/440 SEK

A mini-course focusing on yoga, meditation, relaxation and breathing techniques to get grounded. Learn a short practice and get to know which kind of food helps you to ground and maintain the balance in mind and body in the situations where you feel ungrounded.

The course is built on the principles of Ayurveda and the term “Vata-imbalance” and on a basic understanding of the chakras that help you to get grounded. You will get a short introduction to this in the course. The meditation practice for grounding is a moving meditation – which you will be asked to practice in the week between the classes. The course includes an audio-guided relaxation file.