Balance the Pursuit of Happiness

Join a 2-hour satsang with Govind in Berlin

Looking for happiness?

We all strive for happiness in our lives, which is perfectly natural. But happiness can be volatile and stay with us for a limited amount of time, or it can be deeply anchored and stay within us through life. It all depends on where we focus our search for happiness. Within this material world that we are brought up in we tend to look for happiness outside of ourselves. When we do that the search and outcome become quantity-based in the form of material goods and pleasure.

The workshop

In this workshop, you will be introduced to or reminded of the importance of beginning your search for happiness on the inside which will result in the profound quality-based happiness that will not be shaken by any outer circumstances.

The workshop will consist of both physical exercises and theory and is for everyone who is curious about a deeper approach to yoga and spirituality and are ready to take responsibility for their happiness and life quality. The workshop will be held in easily understandable English.