Avoid the Delhi Belly

Dive into the culinary treasures of India – with precautions

Many have the wrong impression that travelling to India equals a dodgy tummy. And I do often hear about travelers who end up experiencing India from a toilet. But this may be avoided if you follow some basic guidelines and stay alert before you dive into the culinary treasures of India. So don’t let the fear of food poisoning keep you away from exploring amazing India and it´s food. I would like to share some of the guidelines that I follow myself and pass on to participants who travel to my retreats in India.

Avoid restaurants where you only see tourists. No matter where you travel in the world, it’s always a good idea to seek out an eatery where locals gather.

Avoid meat, fish and shellfish. You are never guaranteed that the fish and shellfish are fresh and prepared properly, not even if you are at the coast. Gastronomically India is the capital of expertise when it comes to vegetarian cuisine and you will lower the risk of food poisoning immensely by sticking to the vegetarian dishes.

Choose beverages that come in bottle or packages. You can get the most delicious fresh juices, but always order them with no ice, no water and no sugar.

Avoid cheese, yoghurt and other dairy products. The standards for preparing and storing dairy products can vary so avoid dishes with cheese. Especially imitated dishes like pizza, lasagna etc.

Cut your own fruit. Along the coastline of the Arabian Sea and the Bengal Bay locals are eager to serve you freshly cut fruit. It’s tempting to accept, but risky since they don’t always get to wash their hands in between payments. So, grab your pocket knife and buy fruit from a local stall. Always choose fruits with peal.

Use your eyes. If you have sought out an eatery, take time to observe the food that comes out of the kitchen. If it doesn’t look or smell good, it probably isn’t.

Be prepared. If you are travelling around India or just going from A to B make sure you have plenty of biscuits, water and fruit with you. It’s not the most interesting selection, but it will get you full if you find yourself in a situation where you otherwise would have to eat some food that you’re not comfortable with.

I hope that you can use this piece of advice and that you will allow yourself to experience the wonders of India.

With love

Govind Radhakrishnan

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