According to ancient yoga philosophy, the art of yoga is a movement towards the highest layer of consciousness; a blissful state of enlightened oneness. This state is within all human beings but in order to reach a glimpse of it, we work through five layers (koshas): The physical layer (asanas),the energy layer (pranayama), the psychological layer (mind), the layer of inner wisdom (wisdom beyond the mind) and finally the Universal Self (the egoless state). During intense and dedicated yoga & meditation practice you may have experienced different layers on your yoga journey.

About the workshop

With this workshop Govind aims to help you to step further on your personal yoga journey; further than the physical layer of asanas and the mental layer of meditation. With the insight of the five koshas, you will gain awareness of the different layers of yoga and meditation experience in your own practice. You will also learn more about how human beings can move in between the layers with healing, telepathy and the like – and also how this may relate to the ego-layer and the journey towards Self Realization.

This workshop is for experienced yoga practitioners and meditators and is suitable for Teacher Training Programs. It also addresses persons with other spiritual experience – such as healers since it will add to their understanding of the human layers of existence.