Little Peace Yoga Förrådsgatan 3 Solna,
Stockholm, Sweden
16th – 17th November 2019


Yoga & Ayurveda Workshop


Broaden your spiritual horizont with this in-depth going weekend workshop on the interconnection between yoga and ayurveda.

Saturday the 16th & Sunday the 17th of November
09.00 – 17.00

Price: 1.900 SEK

About the workshop


Get a deeper understanding of the connection between yoga and ayurveda and how you can use the knowledge of ayurveda to decipher your own personal manual, as well as getting a deeper understanding for those near to you.

Imagine that you had your own personal manual to your body and mind. The philosophy of ayurveda works as helping to decipher the manual to our body and mind that we were born with. It helps us to reach a deeper understanding of ourselves and others.

In this workshop, you will be introduced to the ancient traditional principles of ayurveda and how deeply it relates to yoga. You will get a deeper knowledge of ayurveda that you can use in your own life and yoga practice or bear in mind if you teach others. To make it a personal experience you will be using yourself as a case study.

You don’t need experience with ayurveda. The workshop is for men and women of all ages who are curious about to get a deeper understanding of how yoga and ayurveda are connected. The workshop is suitable both for the participant who is new to ayurveda and for the advanced yoga teacher who wants to benefit from the principles of ayurveda in his/her teachings.


Govind is born and raised in India. His spiritual development was sparked under the guidance of various spiritual masters from Himalaya to Trivandrum. He communicates the traditional Indian Yoga philosophy that reaches beyond the physical asanas. Govind teaches yoga with the aim of strengthening the mind and increasing the life quality for his students and he helps them tailor their yoga practice according to their body-mind constitution as per ayurvedic principles. Govind is known for mixing his life wisdom with humour and for bridging the cultural differences between east and west.