YogaDevi, Pontonjärgatan 36 112 37 Stockholm

5th of October 2019


Workshop & Satsang Day


Join a workshop day full of chanting, good food, meditation and satsang.

9.30-11.30: Gunas a deeper journey into Yoga
11.30-13.00: Lunch (A special made sattvic lunch is served at South Indian Restaurant just around the corner for 129 SEK)
13.00-15.00: Divine relation between body & mind

When: 5th of October
Price: 1.200 SEK
Where: YogaDevi, Pontonjärgatan 36, Stockholm


Listen to your inner concert (chanting & meditation)

Saturday 5th October 2019

09.30 – 11.30

In this workshop, Govind will unfold the ancient, traditional approach to happiness with principals of Guna and contentment where the quality of life is not searched for in the material world, but within our spiritual yogic world. It is here we find the ultimate and true happiness and contentment that can’t be shaken by any outer circumstance. This is not a physical class, but Govind will teach some simple techniques that can be applied to calm your thoughts and keep yourself well grounded. The workshop will also give you an understanding of the ayurvedic approach of the three Gunas; sattva, rajas and tamas and how they lead to contentment, inner happiness and joy. The lecture and techniques will be based on yogic science, Ayurveda, and astrology.

Divine relation between body & mind (talk/satsang)

Saturday 5th October 2019

13.00 – 15.00

In this Satsang, Govind will be unfolding the notion of enlightenment that we all carry within ourselves and how you can tap into the inner source of love and affection.
Reaching enlightenment is gaining the ability to unlock the beautiful and enigmatic universe inside ourselves and making us able to relate to the universe and create harmony in our lives and surroundings.
Even the smallest experience of enlightenment is desired by many, but before you can understand the nature of enlightenment and spirituality, you need to know who you are.
Only when you know and understand the complexity of your own being will you be able to raise yourself to the next level of spirituality and enlightenment.

Individuel therapy sessions

In the one-to-one sessions, you get personal advice on how to harmonise your life in times of chaos, illness, when the daily challenges overwhelm you or when you for other reasons need Govind’s helping hand.

Individual guidance is also essential in order to get the deeper benefits of yoga and meditation. To go beyond the bodily feeling and reach to the states where yoga interacts on the subtle levels and affects the mind and life awareness.

In the session, Govind will talk with you and learn about your body-mind constitution, your temperament and personality and your current life situation (stress level, diet and general life habits). Since yoga works on multiple layers and has the capacity of reaching to the “centre of your being” there are no limitations for which specific issue you may seek help for.

Likewise, not two individual sessions are the same. Some sessions will be mainly physically based and others talk-based. However, most often it’s a mix of both yoga exercises and life advice/guidance. Expect to be heard, seen, met and receive guidance and to use in your specific life. If you have a specific history of illness or injury we ask you to inform us in advance in order to schedule the timings accordingly.

Where: YogaDevi, Pontonjärgatan 36
A session is approx 45 min and the price is 1.000 SEK.
Book your session by writing an e-mail to