What to bring to retreats in India

Water bottle
You will carry water around and why not bring one you can recognise as your own (13 similar water bottles in a room can cause confusion). We have a water filter for your disposal (to reduce plastic waste) However, you can also buy water in bottles for around
2DKK. per litre.

Loose dress is fitting to the culture and the most comfortable to wear in the heat.
Loose clothes with long legs and sleeves furthermore serves as protection against
mosquitos. Synthetic dress may be very warm so try to bring clothes of cotton. It is
possible to buy clothes in the town but make sure you have dress for the first days.
Men: can wear shorts (preferable not shorter than just above the knee) and long pants.
When entering temples and ashrams men should wear long pants or traditional Indian
dress, a lungi, if you like. A thin scarf may be nice to have for mosquito protection and for
Women: must cover legs (preferable the whole leg, but at least the knee) and cover the
torso till the shoulders. It is important to bring a shall/thin scarf – you will need it to cover
the breasts when visiting ashrams and temples and if you bring a large one – you can use it
for mosquito protection and meditation.

A small bagpack
For carrying water, fruits, camera, (tissue paper) and other goods on day trips
and walks.

Remedy for stomach disorder
Of your own choice (you will get suggestions from us).

Sandals or flip-flops
+ sandals/shoes for hiking and longer walks.

Mosquito/ant repellent or oil with lemon grass
You can also buy both mild and strong
versions in Tiruvannamala

Sun lotion

Toilet paper
If you prefer to use the “western toilet style”. All Indians wash after going on
toilet and there will always be water and a mug on public toilets but NEVER toilet paper out
of the tourist places. If you live in the resort or in a hotel you don’t need to think of this. In
our Sadhana Guest House we provide local toilet paper which is rather rough. So, if it’s
important to you – bring along some roles of your own toilet paper ;o)

Good to keep in your bag and to bring on day trips ect. as toilet paper.

You cannot buy tampons, but you do get pats (with perfume) in medical
shops. Some women experience a change in their cycle due to the climate and diet changes,
so it’s good to bring a few just in case.

A note book, pen and your own Yoga note book

You can futhermore bring

Bring your visa – card: it’s a very easy way to get Indian rupees. It costs a small amount each
time you withdraw money (40-80 kr. according to your bank) but it is very easy. There is an
ATM in the ashram area it is by far the easiest thing if you all withdraw money from that or
from the ATM in the airport on arrival. You can withdraw 10.000 rupees (1017 kr.) per time.

Copy of passport, flight tickets and travel insurance information
(the pass port pages with your information + a copy of your visa) and a copy of your flight tickets.
This is always good to bring when travelling.


May be handy while walking out after dark (18.00)

Waist bag or the like
To keep your money, visa card and important documents while

Small container (tin/plastic box)
As storage for bread, sweets, biscuits etc. in your room. It is an
extra safety to avoid ants.

For travelling and in case your roommate may snore… Furthermore, India is noisy
at times and even though the resort is peaceful you may still have cats and dogs walking
(and talking) around ;o)

Is very good to use in order to digest impressions and to enjoy and share experiences
later on.

Spiritual books
Bring some reading for the breaks – spiritual books will add inspiration and
depth for your retreat. Ramana Ashram also has a really good selection of books for sale.

For peeling fruit and the like – always useful. Remember not to put it in your hand
luggage while flying.

If you depend on your daily coffee we advise you to bring some instant coffee. Even
if you stay in a resort or hotel they may not be able to serve coffee like you use to have it.
Indian coffee style is different. However, you can actually visit a roof top café and have a
café latte, but not daily ;o)

If you have one. Then you can boil your own drinking water in your
room and make a cup of tea or coffee when you need it.

Sterilizing tissues/gel
Good to have since the common way to eat in India is with the hands
and a good hygiene is the best travel friend :o) But don’t panic about it – often a good hand
wash is enough :o)

Mosquito nets
Most people don’t use mosquito net since there are nets on all windows.
However, if you are very sensitive it may be nice to have one. So far, only a few persons felt
a need for mosquito nets.

Notice: Electrical converter
Is not needed since the voltage and plug points are the same
as in Denmark.