Seva & Dreams

Union, the pure meaning of Yoga, connects the individual with “the whole”. It may start from diving deep on an individual level but the aim is on a universal scale. As you go deeper in your practice universal awareness, compassion and love for other beings starts to grow. So does the feeling of sharing, helping, supporting and offering seva; selfless service.

Yoga Without Payment


The call to offer “service” (seva) to the world is strong in us. We didn’t establish Santhi Yoga to make business but to create a base for us to be able to spread the tools for peace and to help the experience of union to keep growing. This is why 30 % of our activities and our time are dedicated to people who are in special need of our help and support but not able to pay to get it.

Govind started sharing yoga by teaching on donation basis without ever asking for fees – as traditionally done in the spiritual traditions of India. But over the years we have learnt to regulate our service in a way that generates enough income for our family to live and for us to reach out for those who cannot pay.

We offer yoga, meditation and spiritual guidance freely for local Indians in India every September, October and November and during September – February Govind teaches in one of his favorite places: in Saraswati Children Village. This is a home for 34 Indian girls who each have extremely difficult backgrounds and hence now get a chance for their lives, potentials and love to blossom in this NGO. Govind finds it one of the most rewarding places to teach because the results are so obviously seen in the life improvement of the children.

Since we started classes in India we have decided to focus more on income based activities in Denmark since each crone helps us to support people in India who are in a different – more urgent – need of our help. Luckily, by the support of Santhi Yoga Association we are also able to keep min. 3 – 8 programs free or on donation basis each year in Denmark as well.