Anders Haldin

43 , Graphical designer & animator

Being thought yoga, pranayama and meditation the traditional yogic way, and the opportunity to meet and have satsang with authentic Yogis, Swamis and Vedic priest is a rare luxury.

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Elisabeth Højlund

68 , Classical singer & teacher

The biggest reward for me in this retreat is that I gained confident in my own spiritual practice. Anna Marie and Govind, You love your spiritual practice – and I open my heart and gain confidence in you in yoga and in meditation. This is the secret behind this very successful retreat.

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Helle Lodahl Madsen

36 , Teacher

Jeg deltog i retreatet i 2014 uden andre forudsætninger, end at jeg var nysgerrig efter at lære Indien at kende og havde lyst til at prøve kræfter med yoga og meditation uden at vide noget om, hvad det egentlig var. Jeg har aldrig fortrudt det valg.

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Morten Steiniche

45 , Journalist

The spiritual atmosphere of the mountain of Arunachala was definitely the biggest experience for me. Arunachala is a great place to be, one of the finest and most spiritual places in India. It has a special atmosphere that promotes mindfulness.

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Maithreyi Ratan

Having a teacher who lives his yoga is a wonderful blessing.  Govind is one such individual who not only is an excellent instructor but who shows you how yoga can be applied day to day in samsara. 

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Steen Keller

70 , Reiki Healer & Mindfulness teacher

My retreat in January 2014 has been the greatest experience and journey in my life. Anna Marie and Govind have a perfect background in western and eastern conditions.

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Herdis Gregersen

68 , Art Therapist

Det var fantastisk at møde så mange kapaciteter på hver deres felt og helt over forventning at opholdet gav så mange individuelle muligheder både i yogaundervisningen, men også ved de individuelle seancer i både yoga, ajurveda og vedisk astrologi. .

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Heather Palen

44 , Event Manager

This retreat was a very special retreat also because Govind and Anna Marie shared their connections to their friends, family and spiritual masters. I felt very comfortable knowing that I could trust the people teaching, as I am aware after having been in India that some people are dressed in orange and call themselves Swami’s but have more of an interest in selling their spirituality to make a living and not necessarily out of selflessness to help other people

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Heidi Hansen

The Retreat

What a wonderful and beautiful experience it was! So rich in experiences I never would have imagined. I can feel the spiritual seeds growing and I know the knowledge I have gained from the retreat have made the seeds grow even further and become stronger.

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