Individual Sessions

Individual Sessions - Guidance for your personal needs and motivation

In the one-to-one sessions you get personal advice in how to harmonise your life in times of chaos, illness, when the daily challenges overwhelme you or when you for other reasons need Govind's helping hand.

Individual guidance is also essential in order to get the deeper benefits of yoga and meditation. To go beyond the bodily feeling and reach to the states where yoga interacts on the subtle levels and affects mind and life awareness.

In the session Govind will talk with you and learn about your body-mind constitution, your temperament and personality and your current life situation (stress level, diet and general life habits). Since yoga works on multiple layers and has the capacity of reaching to the “center of your being” there are no limitations for which specific issue you may seek help for.

Likewise there are not two individual classes that are the same. Some sessions will be mainly physical based and others talk-based. However, most often it’s a mix of both yoga exercises and life advices/guidance. Expect to be heard, seen, met and receive guidance and to use in your specific life. If you have a specific history of illness or injury we ask you to inform us in advance in order to schedule the timings accordingly.

If you are booking your first session, we strongly recommend that you book a one hour session or minimum 45 minutes. This is to ensure that Govind gets a thorough insight into each individual and their complex constitution. 


60 minutes,  Price: 1000 Dkk. /135 Euros

45 minutes,  Price: 850 Dkk. /115 Euros

30 minutes,  Price: 600 Dkk. /80 Euros

30 minutes, Skype session, Price: 500 Dkk. /65 Euros. (Read more below)

Booking contact:
Payment Info: Mobile pay: 0045 52678853
Reg: 5010. Account: 1369556
International transfers: IBAN: DK2950100001369556. Swift code: JYBADKKK 
Skype sessions

We offer Skype sessions as a follow-up tool for those of you who have already had an individual session and want's to follow up with some questions or a talk. You need to have had an individual session or in some other way have met Govind in person in order to get full potential of these Skype-sessions.