Yoga Asanas & Pranayama

Yoga Asanas is not about forcefully trying to reach a physical posture. It is about getting the benefit of a position which works in subtle layers of your body and existence.

Govind Radhakrishnan

Asanas & Pranayama (breathing techniques & physical postures)

Asana practice is the practice of physical positions – the part that a majority of people believe is yoga. But actually asana practice is most of all a tool to open up “what yoga is all about”: to make you go deeper into the peace within yourself and to go further on your spiritual life path.


Our approach in asana practice is deep and soft. Each position is done calmly in coordination with breath and with body-mind awareness as well as awareness about the effects on chakras and prana (life energies). You don’t need a tuned and flexible body in order to get deep benefits – it is actually more important to have a neutral observing mind in order to go deeper into the positions. In our asana classes you will learn the benefits of the positions and also get individual guidance in order to know which positions you need for your aims and challenges. 


Pranayama is the practice of breathing techniques and can be translated as “controlling or moving the life energy”. It is a very important part of yoga to work with breath and prana (life energy) and it is one of the most effective tools to access the subtle layers of your existence. With yoga asanas and the first level of pranayama (breathing exercises) we purify the body and stabilize the mind to make you able to sit comfortably in meditation. Yoga asanas and pranayama work on many levels and will also heal your psychological and physical problems as well as improve the depth and output of your meditation.