Yoga, Meditation & Satsang in Aarhus

13th Nov 2016 13th Nov 2016  |  Yoga Collective, Søndergade 10 1. 8000 Aarhus



When Govind teaches it is with the focus on passing on the tools for inner peace and to give direction for the students to feel the connection to their own inner layers of deeper awareness. This class is open to all and the physical yoga will be deep and with an inward focus rather than pulsating and an external focus.

The two-hour program starts with a 40 minutes guided asanas (physical yoga positions) session followed by a session with a deep guided relaxation and simple pranayama exercises (breathing techniques). When the mind and body is relaxed Govind guide a silent group meditation and after the meditation Govind will guide, answer questions and give spiritual inspiration in the following satsang (spiritual talk

If you are interested in going for a yoga retreat in India with Govind – this is the perfect way to get a “touch of” Santhi Yoga and to learn more about how Govind can help you further in your yoga and meditation practice and on your spiritual path. 

Time 11:00 - 13:00

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Individual Session: send mail to if you want to book an individual session with Govind. Read more here.