Yoga & Meditation for Personal Development - Herning.

30th Aug 2017 18th Oct 2017  |  Ateliergalleriet, Paghs Allé 4 C DK-7400 Herning Denmark

Yoga & meditation for personal development

Yoga is an ancient Indian spiritual practice, which involves lifestyle guidance, energy techniques, physical exercise and meditation.

Many people think that yoga is only a physical activity that focuses on flexibility, a firm body and toned muscles. This class will help you discover that yoga is for anyone who wants to go beyond the body.

The first stage of the physical yoga positions releases physical tension, emotional and physical blockages. As we go deeper into the physical positions, we experience a mental and introvert depth, and we work with the flow of energy (prana) and go to the meditative level of each of the positions.

You will be working individually and follow your own boundaries; the depth of yoga lies in focusing on the individual rather than a group.

We move on to work with deep relaxation and meditation, and this is where we start to approach the actual meaning of yoga: namely finding a deep inner peace without the distractions of thoughts and personal life baggage and expanding our consciousness spiritually.

The course is for men and women of all ages and levels – from beginners to highly advanced practitioners.

Sign up by transferring the payment with Mobile Pay to +45 52 67 88 53. Upon paying the full amount, please send an email with your name, contact information (name, email, phone number). You will receive a confirmation of your registration by email. Please note that there are limited spaces available, so sign up well in advance to secure your spot.


Price: DKK 1,000 for 8 sessions

Wednesday, 19:30 – 21:00

Please bring a yoga mat (and a pillow and blanket if you need this for the meditation)