Yoga & Ayurveda at One World Festival - Møn

12th Jul 2017 16th Jul 2017  |  Vollerupgade 2, 4796 Askeby

Friday the 14th of July 10.30 - 12.30

Govind Radhakrishnan shares wisdom from an ancient yoga tradition with roots in the spiritual yoga practice from India.

The yoga knowledge has been passed on to him from Indian yoga masters and meditation gurus in one-to-one guidance and trough his personal experiences in deep states of meditation.

Govind’s classes are special because he focuses on the individual development, because he includes the Indian wisdom of Ayurveda and because his heart is dedicated to the ancient frame of yoga, being:  spiritual paths to inner peace.  

”Santhi Yoga” means “Union in Peace” and both beginners in yoga and advanced yoga teachers will learn and taste new aspects of yoga in this introduction.

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