Workshops & Satsangs in Copenhagen

4th Jun 2017 4th Jun 2017  |  Sattva Yoga, Vermlandsgade 75, 1. sal , 2300 København S

This year Govind will be travelling to give workshops and classes in several European countries focussing on
the deeper aspects of yoga and to wake up more humanity in human beings. In Copenhagen he will give 4 sessions over 4 months in Copenhagen. Each session consists of yoga, meditation and satsang based in the ancient Indian ayurveda principles and is a 3-hour duration for students of all levels. 
The subjects will be:
18th March: Challenges in Daily Life - Managing Chaos & Anxiety
15th April: Yoga-tools for Self Healing - Improving Sleep & Life Quality
20th May: Love - Develope from Passionate Love to Compassionate Love
4th June: Developement of Human Relations - How to cultivate Unconditional Love in Relations to Ourself and Others
The sessions will be held in Sattva Yoga in Copenhagen