Workshop and Satsang about Yoga, Ayurveda and Spiritual Realization (*individual sessions) - Yoga Kendra, Malmö

27th May 2017 27th May 2017  |  Friisgatan 6C, 211 46 Malmö

Saturday the 27th of May 12.00 - 14.30

Your spiritual journey is unique. The path of yoga & meditation helps you to unfold it layer by layer. For many, the journey starts with a physical focus. But stepping deep in the yoga path has less to do with learning thousands of positions and breathing techniques and more to do with learning what your specific body, mind and life situation needs from yoga.

Likewise, if you want to understand and realize the world – you have to start with understanding yourself and your own “being” in the world. Yoga & Ayurveda are unique tools to guide you on the path of self- discovery and to open to deeper life awareness.




Both invite you to step further on your spiritual journey – a journey where comparison is useless and where the logical mind hands over the compass to the compassionate heart. Understand why in this workshop.

The workshop includes both a practical yoga & meditation workshop and a reflective and question – answer based satsang. “Each individual is unique. The creating force of the universe has not made any photo copies. In the same way – each person needs different tools and guidance. And even the different physical positions may change shape from person to person.


Govind Radhakrishnan is an Indian yoga master who has taught spiritual yoga and meditation in India and Europe since his spiritual awakening as a teenager. He is known for his compassionate way of sharing spiritual knowledge from the ancient Indian path of yoga. In 2007 he started Santhi Yoga in Denmark with his Danish life partner and since 2009 they have been conducting spiritual retreats in Europe and India. A focus in Govind and Santhi Yoga’s teaching is the individual approach based on the fact that each person is unique and therefore spiritual guidance must be based on individual approach.

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