The Secret of Sun Salutation - Workshop at Yogaraum (Tübingen, Stuttgart)

3rd Oct 2019 3rd Oct 2019  |  Westbahnhofstraße 53, 72070 Tübingen, Germany

Thursday 3rd of October 2019

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In most ancient religions the sun has been worshipped as the life-giving force. In the yoga context, the sun is a symbol on spiritual enlightenment and in the sun salutation, the worship of the sun is a ritual with ancient roots. Most yoga practitioners know the sun salutation as a physical series of yoga positions but the ancient Indian wisdom opens up many deeper layers of yoga in this specific discipline.

Learn how the different physical positions have deeper philosophical meaning and get tools for a short morning yoga practice that will keep your daily focus on the spiritual path – even during busy and stressful periods of life. The teaching contains physical yoga, yoga philosophy and guidance in pranayama exercises, deep relaxation and a short meditation. This workshop proves a clear link between the physical layers of yoga and the meditative layers of yoga. It also unfolds the fundamental life-knowledge and teaching of life-approach that yoga provides.

The astrological benefits of Sun Salutation will also be unfolded in the workshop.
The workshop is both for beginners and experienced yoga practitioners.

The workshop will be held at Yogaraum in Tübingen outside of Stuttgart. You can sign up for the class here