Shivaratri Retreat in holy India

3rd Feb 2018 16th Feb 2018  |  Resort Arunai Anantha, Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu, South India

A spiritual retreat with a daily yoga & meditation routine and time for self discovery through personal guidance with ayurveda and yoga principles. The focus is on your sadhana (spiritual practice) and the program is made to support a routine based on your motivation, experience and inner calls. You will be inspired by satsangs with enlightened masters and reflective talks and spiritual classes by Govind. But most of all you will be touched by one of India’s most holy pilgrimage places: Tiruvannamalai, the city with Arunachala; the sacred mountain of fire, and Ramana Ashram; the center for ―searching the higher Self as showed by the saint Ramana Maharshi. In this retreat you will experience the spiritual festival Maha Shivaratri which is a celibration of "the overcoming of darkness and ignorance" for which thousands pilgrims comes to Arunachala (the mountain of Shiva) to celibrate this auspecious spiritual day.

A mix of group sessions and guided self-practice 

You have come to a holy place with unique rays of spirituality. We help you to go deep with your personal spiritual practice both by guided group classes and guided self-practice. In the group we have tours to different ashrams, amazing temples, face to face meetings with enlightened masters and of course: walking the famous pilgrimage route around the holy mountain Arunachala during the full moon in a group of millions of pilgrims.

For your self-practice we offer different opportunities: meditate in the ancient caves on the mountain, visit temples, chant and witness ancient rituals in ashrams or go for a silent walk around the mountain or takeanders.jpg a reflective break in a tea stall… There are many opportunities and we help you to plan your sadhana program.

Your Daily Sadhana Program 

06.00 - 08.00: Yoga & Meditation*                           

08.00 - 09.00: Breakfast                             

09.30 - 11.30: Spiritual Class**/ Self practice

12.00 - 13.00: Lunch                                        

15.00 - 17.00: Guided tour, meditation or self practice                      

18.30 - 19.30: Dinner

20.00 - 20.30: Group reflection

* Weekly 4 guided classes & 2 self-practice               

** weekly 5 spiritual classes or satsangs with Govind and/or guest teachers.


Individual Guidance: Each person will have an individual session with Govind and get a self practice program for the retreat and for sadhana practice after the retreat.

Guided tours:  4-5 guided tours to meditation caves, ashrams, temples and introduction to the area.


Who can attend?

Any spiritually interested person who equally seek group guided inspiration and individual practice are welcome. You should be: motivated for longer meditation, open to learn from both religious and non-religious spiritual masters & cultures, disciplined enough to follow the guidelines of self-practice and able to adjust cultural dress and behaviour codes of holy pilgrimage places.


Visit a guest - not as a tourist

We invite you to “our India” and open an opportunity for you to learn from the inside of an ancient, rich and very different culture. Together we cross the usual tourist border lines and make you feel as a participant rather than a spectator. All guest teachers -including swamis and other radiating personalities - are people we are personally connected to. The places we take you to are places that inspire us the most whether it’s an amazing temple or a poor farmer in his hut. They all have stories to tell. And this is what often inspires our guests the most: the direct contact.


Retreat base

Our base is the resort Arunai Anantha. It is located by the foot of the holy mountain Arunachala withdrawn from the traffic noise and crowds of the small roads in the ashram area in Tiruvannamalai. Here Govind gives spiritual classes and we discuss and reflect upon our experiences by the holy mountain. We use the spiritual surroundings outside the resort dailyand will spend much time in the peaceful vibration of the saint Ramana Maharshi in Ramana Ashram – just a five minutes’ drive away.

Besides having nice and comfortable rooms Arunai Anantha serves nice Indian food in their garden restaurant and have a nice outdoor yoga shala for our classes. In the afternoons, when the peak temperature will be 30 - 33 degrees, you can enjoy the swimming pool or drink a cooling fresh juice on the teracce while digesting the inputs of the day.


Spiritual Approach

The classes and guidance are based on the ancient Aidvaita (one-ness) philosophy. We use the tools of yoga and meditation to reach a deeper understanding or experience of the essence of the method of Self-Realization as Ramana Maharshi exemplified it. Classes are non - religious but relate to different approaches of the divine aspects of life. Subjects will differ according to the group’s experience, challenges and interest and the guest teachers available.


Practical information


Full package: from 18700 kr /2515 Euros (double room)/  20700 kr / 2784 Euros (single room)

Special price for participants travelling from Australia: AUD 2650 (double room) / 2854 (single room) (without flight ticket - contact us for further information).

Incl. course fee, flight tickets, transportation to and from Tiruvannamalai – Chennai, sadhana program, accomodation (comfortable room inside the resort), 3 daily meals (South Indian vegetarian food), purified water and service for visa application ect. from Grace Tours.

The simple version - for independent travellers: 11000 kr/ 1480 Euro

Special price for participants travelling from Australia: AUD 2242 (contact us for further information).

Incl. course fee, sadhana program, accomodation (simple single rooms in nearby lodge), 3 daily meals (South Indian vegetarian food), purified and water. Notice: participants choosing the simple version are responsible for their own journey to and from Tiruvannamalai as well as for room cleaning and personal laundry. The price does not include flights and service from Grace Tours.


Not included in the price: Internet, laundry service.

Language: English

What to bring? Vaccines? Visa?

Get advice and more in FAQ

How to register: contact us on and we will send you a personal course submission page. After returning the submission Grace Tours will contact you to make your booking.

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