Santhi Yoga for ZAC activists at the UN Climate Conference COP21 in Paris.

7th Dec 2015 11th Dec 2015  |  Le Centquatre, 5 Rue Curial, 75019 Paris

As the United Nations has gathered in Paris each representing their own nations interests, hundreds of activists have done the same, only representing a more globally common interest; our environment.
130 established NGO’s has organized a Climate Action Zone programme (ZAC). The list of NGO’s is long and impressive and Santhi Yoga School is represented by Govind Radhakrishnan:

Teaching yoga and meditation is not only about physical positions and relaxation. The main objective in my teachings is to awaken the humanity in the human being. In the beginning you may go deep into yoga to help you solve individual issues, but when you discover the deepness of yoga you begin to discover that by practicing yoga you can reach a deeper understanding of humanity, develop compassion for your surroundings and reach a deeper state of peace. This peace is not individual or self-centric. It makes you hurt when you are exposed to people lost in ignorance, fear and hatred. At least I hope that ignorance and fear are the reason why human beings treat mother earth in horrible ways to earn money."This is why I want to support people who do a difference in their fight for the environment and mother earth. And this is why I had no doubt in my heart when I was asked to come to Paris to teach yoga and meditation to the environmental activists.

Activists burn out
Being an activist can be very hard and ungrateful and according to recent studies a large number of activists suffer from severe exhaustion and chronicle stress due to long-term emotional and physical strain. In other words; they burn out. I would like to share some tools that can sharpen their mind and body and help them balance their internal climate in their struggle to balance the external climate. I am doing this through classes of yoga and meditation where the activist can devote some time for themselves.

The power of intelligence
The world is undergoing hard times. We are many species who have to share this planet and as human beings we have been given a special power; the power of intelligence. This power can either be destructive or useful. Unfortunately, it has been used in a destructive way for centuries and we are destroying the ecosystem of the earth. With the power of intelligence comes a big responsibility to use it wisely. Activists knows this. They have a high degree of humanity within them so they can’t help to react when they witness injustice or inhumane actions around the world. They feel a need to spend all their time and energy to create awareness of how to use this human intelligence to create peace. And in return they get no peace at all.

To begin with the plan was to give one class per day for five days, but already after the first class on Monday there was a demand for more classes since it is very beneficial to the activists.

I am very very happy about this.

Read more: The workshops in Paris were arranged by Morten Steiniche, one of Santhi Yoga's first students in Denmark. Morten Steiniche runs the blog The Satyagrahi ( about spiritual activism.He has recently written a comprehensive article on activist burnout for Danish newspaper Information. A summary on this article among videos, articles and more from Paris can be found on The Satyagrahi (