Sadhana Retreat

2nd Dec 2018 13th Dec 2018  |  Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu, India

Sadhana Retreat with Yoga, Meditation & Satsangs

Price: 7275 DKK / 977 EUR / 1535 AUD. incl.: course with 50 hours of Govind’s teaching with yoga, meditation, and spiritual Satsangs, simple accommodation in Anantha Niketan Ashram, 3 daily meals. 

10 intense days where each day begins with guided yoga and meditation classes and most days end with a deeper meditation & Satsang session by Govind Radhakrishnan. Seek spiritual inspiration from one of India’s most spiritual corners and go deep in your spiritual practice in a peaceful little ashram on the countryside near the holy mountain Arunachala in Tiruvannamalai. You can step your own path or seek out fellow participants to share your experience and inspiration according to your personal motivation. Read more about Tiruvannamalai, the sacred mountain of fire - Arunachala and Ramana Maharshi here.

Between the morning yoga & meditation and the late afternoon Satsang you have time to dive into the unique peaceful energy around the Arunachala mountain every day because this retreat is made in a way that gives you time on your own for your personal sadhana (spiritual practice); visit some of the main spiritual attractions of Tiruvannamalai; Ramana Ashram, Yogi Ram Surat Kumar Ashram, the meditation caves, go for a pilgrim walk, participate in chanting or join other ashram rituals. If you are not familiar with Tiruvannamalai you will easily find your way after attending the introduction tour on the first day and furthermore, Govind will also give you suggestions on which places to visit. During the 10 retreat days, Govind will keep 7 afternoon/evening sessions with longer meditation and question-answer based Satsangs or subject-based classes. In the evenings you have an option for group sharing but it is not mandatory. So, if you prefer to stay in silence or sit in meditation, it is fine. After the course, all participants will get a course certificate.



It is important for us to point out that if you choose this retreat you must be motivated to stand more on your own feet than on our other retreats. You will not have Govind by your side besides on the Introduction Day, during the daily yoga & meditation classes and in the meditation & Satsang sessions in Anantha Niketan. Furthermore, the accommodation of this retreat is very simple, and rooms are always shared rooms with either attached or shared toilet and bath. Be ready for simply yogic life! If you are not, we recommend you attend our Spiritual Yoga & Meditation Group Retreat instead.



02.12: Arrival between 05.00 – 18.00

03.12: Introduction Day

04.12 – 12.12:

05.45 – 07.45: Morning Yoga & short meditation

08.30 – 09.00: Breakfast

09.00 – 16.00: Individual sessions/personal time

12.30 – 13.30: lunch

16.00 – 18.15: Meditation & Satsang

18.30 – 19.00: dinner

20.00 – 20.30: Sharing (optional)

13.12: Departure / “Digestion Day” (optional to stay this day, no group programme)

*Programme changes may appear.


Introduction Day

On the first day after your arrival, you will get Introduced to “the Ashram Area” – the area around the famous Ramana Ashram as a part of the course. You will get to know how to reach the meditation caves, the pilgrim route, the ashrams, different option for dining places, the ATM and more.


Individual Session

It is possible to pre-book an individual session with Govind during the retreat. In the individual session, Govind gives guidance and tools for you to step deeper into your spiritual practice or help you to face a life challenge based on his knowledge of yogic wisdom, Ayurveda, astrology, and palmistry. All individual sessions must be pre-booked and prepaid during the registration of the retreat. Should you wish to stay for the “digestion day” your individual session may be given on this day to make space for others doing the retreat. The price for an individual session is 750 DKK /100 EUR. for retreat participants (normal price 1000 DKK/ 133 EUR).


The place, Anantha Niketan

This retreat takes place in the countryside around twenty minutes’ drive from “the Ashram Area” where Ramana Ashram and other ashrams are located, where you can walk up to the meditation caves and where you find other spiritual seekers from all over the world. In this area, you find small rooftop cafés, delicious Indian vegetarian food, fruit stalls, fresh coconuts and endless options for going deep into meditation, chanting, silent being or meeting fellow spiritual seekers from many different world cultures. It's amazing!

But after spending time “out there” the contrast in the silent, peaceful country ashram Anantha Niketan is priceworthy. The ashram is built for spiritual seekers and offers a peaceful and beautiful atmosphere for stillness, silence, and surrender. The rooms are simple and have only the most needed: beds and attached or shared toilet and bucket bath. So be prepared to let go of comfort and tune into simple yogic life!  All rooms are shared rooms and most rooms are double rooms. Occasionally, the participants get rooms with three beds, but you will always be accommodated with persons of the same sex. It is not possible to book a single room, and neither is it possible to stay in the ashram without cleaning your own room. Three nice South Indian vegetarian meals are served daily in the dining hall and you are welcome to participate in the daily evening chanting.


Certain guidelines must be followed to stay in Anantha Niketan. It is your own responsibility to pay attention to these guidelines including following the timings for the meals, to arrive before the gate closes at night etc. 

Karma Yoga

Selfless service is an important step in most spiritual practices in the peaceful settings of Anantha Niketan and we suggest that you spend at least a couple of hours for Karma Yoga (the yoga of action) during the retreat. It is a part of the experience to integrate with the locals and take care of the ashram by helping in the kitchen, garden or do cleaning as a part of the course activity. 


Nice to know about further expenses

Expect to pay between 8 - 28 DKK / 1 – 4 EUR for a meal in a dining place/restaurant in the “ashram area” in case you will be away from Anantha Niketan during a meal. You will have transportation (bus or auto-rickshaw) to reach “the Ashram Area”. Expect to spend around 5 - 40 DKK / 1– 5 EUR on local transportation per day. You have the option to keep your trip on a real low-cost budget (but extremely high in experience) and you may also choose to spend a little extra if you like to book guided tours to the main temple or to go to the top of Arunachala Mountain or even extend your stay in Tiruvannamalai.



Shanti Travels

The local travel agency Shanti Travels can help you to book your flight ticket and will also arrange for pick up and drop off at Chennai airport. Expect to pay max. 400 DKK / 54 EUR for the four hours taxi drive from Chennai Airport to Tiruvannamalai. Shanti Travels can also arrange a longer stay for you if you like to stay in Tiruvannamalai before or after the retreat. Furthermore, they can assist you in exploring other places of India after or before the retreat.


How to book

Send a mail to and we will send you a personal registration form. Once you have returned the registration and been accepted as retreat participant we send you an invoice for the course fee payment. Your participation is confirmed only when your course fee is paid


Arrival and departure

All participants must arrive before 18.00 on December 2nd and can depart earliest on December 12th after 19.00. Your have your room untill December 13th morning. However, when informed well in advance (6 weeks before the retreat) it may be possible to stay for an extra day or two in the ashram for a minor donation.  

Rejsegarantifonden: Santhi Yoga is registered in Rejsegarantifonden (membership no: 2915).