Pranayama at Green World Yoga Festival - Sweden

15th Jul 2017 16th Jul 2017  |  Center for Evolutionary Consciousness, Tullesboallén 308, 275 94 Sjöbo, Sweden

Saturday 15th of July 14.00 - 15.00, sunday 16th.  11.00 - 12.00.

Pranayama is an ancient method to “direct the life energy” and a direct shortcut to the mind. Its foundation is based on simple breathing techniques that have been proven to cure diseases, stress and emotional imbalance.

In this workshop Govind uses simple techniques of pranayama to give a taste of the deep spiritual Indian yoga tradition of Santhi Yoga. Today, yoga is well-known and appreciated as a physical and mental practice all over the world. But yoga is much more than that! Govind’s mission is to share awareness about the deeper paths of yoga and to exemplify that practicing yoga and meditation with the right attitude, wisdom and awareness will make you enter deeper states of consciousness. 

In this workshop you will learn basic breathing techniques and be confident enough to continue a daily practice that for sure will make positive changes in your life. You will also be introduced to deeper layers of pranayama. You will learn how pranayama can be used as an important tool for true meditation to happen and how it connects to the subtle layers of your existence.

 For more information and registration, have a look at the festival web-page here