Indian Yoga & Ayurveda Workshop - Germany

9th Jul 2017 9th Jul 2017  |  Yoga Vidya, Speyer, Germany



In this workshop you learn how Yoga and Ayurveda is interconnected. You learn how to use basic Ayurvedic knowledge and how to find your own specific needs and remedies in your yoga practice. You will be introduced to the principle of the five elements (mahabhutas) that all living beings consist of, according to Ayurveda and yoga. You will understand how to identify both the universal and specific components of your individual person (doshas) and understand why we as human beings react different to life. You learn both by doing and understand by observing yourself as a case study.

The life knowledge of Ayurveda has always been integrated in Santhi Yoga’s classes. This is why many students are surprised when Govind teach them about themselves just by observing them during yoga practice and by analysing their body-mind behaviour and constitution. But there is no magic about it: the key is to understand the basic principle of yoga and Ayurveda: In the modern society we are so used to measure all after the same scale that we forget how unique each person is. At the same time, human beings consist of the same elements, but in different constitutions. So in one side we are unique and on the other side our components are universal. This fact is the base of yoga and Ayurveda – two branches on the same tree of life knowled

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