Date Your Inner Self- Workshop- Ludvigsborg, Haggenas.

30th Aug 2018 30th Aug 2018  |  The Prana House, Ringvägen 14, 24271 Ludvigsborg, Häggenäs

Thursday the 30th August 18.30

Learn the ancient tools of yoga which can solve the problems of our modern society. The focus will be on grounding and be connecting to your self.
In this workshop, Govind Radhakrishnan will be teaching how to break the boundaries that we have put up for ourselves in form of limited love and affection.

We date a lot in the search for love and affection, but we begin our search the wrong place; outside ourselves. 
There is nothing wrong with searching for love and affection outside, but if we don’t begin the search within, we don’t know how to use the ‘instrument’ for the outside search properly and our approach to love and affection becomes limited. 

There will consist of a mix of physical and theoretical tools.

The price for the workshop is 300SEK
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