All differences in this world are of degree, and not of kind, because oneness is the secret of everything.

Swami Vivekananda

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The search of peace is within each and every human being. It exists in each community, in all corners of the world and it expresses itself in various forms. Santhi Yoga considers the yoga tools as universal and precious to receive for all. After all, we are all a part of the same oneness. We pray that the tools of yoga may help to provide bridges that unite mankind and help us to step from attitudes of fear and hatred to those of love and compassion.

Our experience from multi cultural a background gives us a unique capacity to address people from different parts of the world. And we feel responsible to share as much as we can. 

In the months of March, July & August each year Govind will be touring in various contries and we are happy to come to your yoga studio, company, community or to a private gathering in your home.

Contact us for information about longer term courses, retreats and the international tour plan and prices outside Denmark. 


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Our favorite interaction with people is through meditation followed by a question – answer based satsang. Satsang means “gathering in search of truth” and this frame for spiritual guidance is the traditional Indian frame to share spiritual essence. Govind’s talk during the satsang is not fixed but based on the spiritual question-answer based interaction. This creates an informal atmosphere and enables the teacher to meet the need of the people.

Each group meditation & satsang starts with a guided body-mind relaxation that enhances the meditation experience. Most people feel group meditations are more intense and deep because a certain energy field is created when more people meditate together. The relaxation, meditation and satsang becomes a mixture of guidance and spiritual experience that is both inspiring and encouraging for the individuals to continue meditation in their daily life.

Group Meditations & Satsangs are open to all. Govind’s satsangs contain several “levels” of guidance – from the practical challenges of meditation to the benefits and the deeper questions of peace and human existence that may appear during introspection. Each group meditation ends with a peace – mantra.

The session can be combined with a one hour class, for example based on following subjects:

  • From passionate to compassionate love.

  • Your inner Guru.

  • How to overcome stress and mood swing.

  • Our “soul-luggage”, an introduction to Karma and reincarnation.

  • Yoga & ego – union and duality in yoga philosophy.

  • The purpose of meditation.

  • Sleep – the silent healer.

  • Let your daily duties become spiritual activities.

  • Family & marriage life as a base for spiritual development.

Duration: 2 hours. Price: 100 kr. per person (min 8 persons) + transportation. When arranged by members of Santhi Yoga Association the Group Meditation & Satsang can be held on donation basis.

When combined with one hour class:

Duration: 3 hours. Price: 150 kr. per person (min 8 persons) + transportation.



Meditate on the divine light of spiritual consciousness – just like spiritual seekers have been doing for 3500 years. Gayatri mantra is the most famous ancient Indian mantra that strengthens your ability for spiritual perception and wisdom. Gayatri appears as a Goddess in Hindu philosophy but the mantra also refers to the abstract level of the process of enlightenment. Light, sun and spiritual wisdom is what the mantra awakens and connecting the practice of Gayatri mantra to your yoga and meditation will enhance the depth of your spiritual life experience. It is powerful, peace giving and beautiful. This workshop is particularly popular in yoga and meditation schools. The workshop contains chanting & meditation, explanation of Gayatri mantra as well as directions about to how to connect it into a yoga practice.

Language: English or Danish. Duration: 3 hours incl. break. Price: 250 kr. per person (min. 8 persons persons) + transportation.

In most ancient religions the sun has been worshiped as the life giving force. In yoga context the sun is a symbol on spiritual enlightenment and in the sun salutation the worship of the sun is a ritual with ancient roots. Most yoga practitioners know the sun salutation as a physical series of yoga positions but the ancient Indian wisdom opens up many deeper layers of yoga in this specific discipline.

Learn how the different physical positions have deeper philosophical meaning and get tools for a short morning yoga practice that will keep your daily focus on the spiritual path – even during busy and stressful periods of life. The teaching contains physical yoga, yoga philosophy and guidance in pranayama exercises, deep relaxation and short meditation. This workshop proves a clear link between the physical layers of yoga and the meditative layers of yoga. It also unfolds the fundamental life-knowledge and teaching of life-approach that yoga provides.

See youtube video her

The workshop is both for beginners and experienced yoga practitioners.

Language: English or Danish. Duration: 3 hours incl. break – preferable in early morning. Price: 250 kr. per person (min 8 persons) + transportation.


Mantras have been used as keys to awakening our inner spiritual wisdom and peace through the practice of meditation. Mantra Meditation is an Indian meditation technique that helps you to keep the focus in meditation and hereby go deeper into the thoughtless meditation state. During the course you will learn to use Indian mantras both via group chanting and by individual inner mantra repetition. You will get personal guidance in the reflective talk after the meditation and you will also learn about the spiritual context of the mantra meditation.


For all who seek inner peace and depth in meditation. For beginners and experienced meditators.


Language: English. Duration: 3 hours incl. break. Price: 250 kr. per person (min. 8 persons) + transportation.

Busy life schedule, hectic workday or intense mind activity? Stress and tension can be overwhelming and set your life on hold if not controlled. But the techniques to avoid getting tensed and stressed are simple to learn and easy to practice. Basic Yoga techniques such as pranayama, relaxation exercises and specific postures that release mind and body tension can be learned by all. You can furthermore learn to navigate in the most hectic chaos with a calm and focused mind through practice of meditation techniques. Each stress management course will be designed for the group and specific challenge of the work situation.

Language: English. Min. duration: 3 x 90 minutes. Price: vary according to group size.

According to ancient yoga philosophy the art of yoga is movement towards the highest layer of consciousness; a blissful state of enlightened oneness. This state is within all human beings but in order to reach a glimpse of it, we work through five layers (koshas): The physical layer (asanas),the energy layer (pranayama), the mental layer (mind), the layer of inner wisdom (wisdom beyond the mind) and finally the Universal Self (the egoless state). During intense and dedicated yoga & meditation practice you may have experienced different layers on your yoga journey.

With this workshop Govind aims to help you to step further on your personal yoga journey; further than the physical layer of asanas and the mental layer of meditation. With the insight of the five koshas you will gain awareness of the different layers of yoga and meditation experience in your own practice. You will also learn more about how human beings can move in between the layers with healing, telepathy and the like – and also how this may relate to the ego-layer and the journey towards Self Realization.

The workshop will also include group question – answer based satsang where yoga asanas, pranayama, bhakti yoga, Jnana yoga and meditation will be applied as well as reflected upon. It is a great opportunity to get to understand the depth and possibilities of spiritual yoga practice and to reflect about your own personal spiritual journey.

This workshop is for experienced yoga practitioners and meditators and is suitable for Teacher Training Programs. It is also addresses persons with other spiritual experience – such as healers since it will add to their understanding about the human layers of existence.

Duration: 3 hours incl. break. Language: English. Price: 300 kr. per person (min. 8 persons) + transportation.