Activities in 2017

Denmark, Sweeden, Germany, Poland, Australia and Italy.

From December - February Govind conducts Spiritual Retreats in India.

In February he will continue giving workshops, satsangs and individual sessions in Denmark (Copenhagen, Aarhus, Aalborg, Herning and Holstebro), Sweden (Stockholm, Åkersberga, Lund, Malmø and Ängsbacka), Germany (Yoga Vidya, Speyern), Poland, Australia, Italy and India for 2017.

All activities will be updated here by January 2017.

Aum Santhi, Govind and Anna Marie

Sadhana Retreat in Holy India

From 7th Jan 2017 Till 20th Jan 2017  |  Santhi Yoga Sadhana Guest House, Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu, South India

This is a retreat that emphasizes time for self-practice and offer group guidance spiritual lessons at the same time. A sadhana retreat gives you enough time to get deep into the strong vibrations of Tiruvannamalai on your own; meditating in the ancient meditation caves, “being” in Ramana Ashram, walking around the holy mountain and visiting the many temples.

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Arunachala Retreat

From 4th Feb 2017 Till 17th Feb 2017  |  Arunai Anantha Resort Hotel, Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu. South India

Arunachala Retreat is our NEW spiritual retreat! This retreat is perfect you who have a spiritual interest in discovering your India and going deeper into your inner peace. You stay by the foot of the holy mountain Arunachala which attracts people from all cultures because of its special vibration of peace. 

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Yoga & Meditation for Personal Development

From 22nd Feb 2017 Till 25th Apr 2017  |  Holmparken 26, 1 th, 7400 Herning

10 classes with Yoga, Meditation and spiritual guidance for personal development. Max 8 - 10 persons. The course includes guidence for different levels including students who have attended one or more courses by Govind. Time: 09.00 - 10.30


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Yoga, Meditation & Satsang in Holstebro

From 12th Mar 2017 Till 12th Mar 2017  |  FOF Nordvestjylland, Brogårdsvej 2, 7500 Holstebro

In this workshop you will get a deeper introduction to the ancient art of yoga & meditation and a long guided yoga class, group meditation and satsang.

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There are no upcoming Activities.

Previous Activities

Group Meditation, Yoga & Satsang - Herning, Denmark.

From 24th Nov 2016 Till 24th Nov 2016  |  Kaj Munksvej 5 (Bifrost), 7400 Herning

Group Meditation & Satsang in Herning

We keep open meditation evenings in Herning. The group meditation & satsang starts with a guided body-mind relaxation that enhances the meditation experience. 

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Yoga, Meditation & Satsang Weekend in Copenhagen.

From 19th Nov 2016 Till 20th Nov 2016  |  Grace Tours, Priya Yoga Shala, Østerbrogade 52,, 2100 Copenhagen K

The third weekend of each month Govind will keep a Santhi Yoga weekend in Copenhagen.

We look forward to see you for Individual Sessions, Open Group Yoga, Meditation & Satsang and Deeper Meditation Sessions:

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Individual Sessions in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Aalborg, Herning, & Sweden (Åkersberga & luleå).

From 12th Nov 2016 Till 20th Nov 2016  |  Various locations in Denmark and Sweden

Individual guidance is essential in order to get the deeper benefits of yoga and meditation. Furthermore, in the one-to-one sessions you get personal advice in how to harmonise your life in times of chaos, illness, when the daily challenges overwhelme you.

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Yoga, Meditation & Satsang in Aarhus

From 13th Nov 2016 Till 13th Nov 2016  |  Yoga Collective, Søndergade 10 1. 8000 Aarhus

If you like to try guided yoga and meditation sessions by an Indian yoga master who follows the ancient paths of yoga teaching - Yoga, Meditation and Satsang will be a perfect place to start.

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Yoga, Meditation & Satsang in Aalborg

From 12th Nov 2016 Till 12th Nov 2016  |  Undaya Yoga studio Østerågade 25, 2. sal (In the yard), 9000 Aalborg

If you like to try guided yoga and meditation sessions by an Indian yoga master who follows the ancient paths of yoga teaching - Yoga, Meditation and Satsang will be a perfect place to start.

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Indisk Yoga & Ayurveda Workshop - Aarhus

From 4th Nov 2016 Till 6th Nov 2016  |  Yoga Collective, Søndergade 10 1. 8000 Aarhus

In this workshop you learn how Yoga and Ayurveda is interconnected. You learn how to use basic Ayurvedic knowledge and how to find your own specific needs and remedies in your yoga practice. You will be introduced to the principle of the five elements (mahabhutas) that all living beings consist of, according to Ayurveda and Yoga.

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Workshop, Satsang & Individual sessions in Åkersberga, Sweden

From 22nd Oct 2016 Till 23rd Oct 2016  |  Yoga Ranch, Östra Kanalstaden, Kungsängsbryggan 6, 184 52 Åkersberga, sweden

Satuday 22/10 9.00–11.00: Yoga, Meditation and Satsang 

Sunday 23/10 9.00–11.00: Pranayama & Deeper Layers of Spiritual Yoga

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Yoga & Meditation classes in Herning

From 23rd Aug 2016 Till 11th Oct 2016  |  Kaj Munksvej 5, 7400 Herning ( Børneskolen Bifrost )

The 8 sessions include guided yoga, breathing technics, deep relaxation and meditation.

Evening sessions: Tuesdays from 23rd August till 11th October 

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Indisk Yoga & Ayurveda Workshop - Herning

From 2nd Sep 2016 Till 4th Sep 2016  |  FOF Yoga- og Helseinstitut Herning

I denne workshop lærer du, hvordan yoga og ayurveda er tæt forbundne og hvordan du med basal ayurvedisk viden kan finde dine egne specifikke behov og remedier in din yogapraksis. Du kommer til at lære, hvordan man kan identificere både universelle og du lærer både gennem praktiske yogaøvelse, yoga – og ayurveda sessioner og med dig selv som case study. 

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Spiritual Yoga Satsang in Copenhagen Yoga Festival

From 26th Aug 2016 Till 28th Aug 2016  |  Tiøren, Amager Strandpark, 2300 Copenhagen, Denmark

Individual path in a universal world
Stepping deep in the yoga path has less to do with learning thousands of positions and breathing techniques and more to do with learning what your specific body, mind and life situation needs. Likewise, if you want to understand and realize the world – you have to start with understanding yourself and your own “being” in the world.

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Yoga Festival, Møn Retreat

From 3rd Aug 2016 Till 7th Aug 2016  |  Vollerupgade 2., 4792 Askeby, Møn, Danmark

On Thursday the 4th of August Govind will give a class on Yoga & Ayurveda in the big Yoga Festival in Møn Retreat. During the four-day yoga festival Govind will offer individual sessions as well.


Classes in One world festival - Møn Kursuscenter, Denmark.

From 6th Jul 2016 Till 10th Jul 2016  |  Møn Retreat & Kursuscenter, Vollerupgade 2. 4792 Askeby, Denmark

One World festival is a spiritual festivial on Møn Retreat. Here Govind will give a workshop in "Pranayama & Deeper Layers of Yoga:


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Pranayama Workshop in Center For Evolutionary Consciousness, Sweden

From 1st Jul 2016 Till 3rd Jul 2016  |  Center for Evolutionary Consciousness, Tullesbo allén 308, 275 94 Sjöbo, Sweden

Pranayama – the shortcut to peace

In this workshop you will learn basic breathing techniques and be confident enough to continue a daily practice that for sure will make positive changes in your life. You will also be introduced to deeper layers of pranayama and learn about how pranayama as a main tool for true meditation to happen and how it connects to the subtle layers of your existence.

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Meditation Workshop in AAL Yoga Festival - Aalborg, Dk.

From 18th Jun 2016 Till 19th Jun 2016  |  Undaya Yoga studio Østerågade 25, 2. sal (Opgang i gården/ In the yard) Aalborg, 9000 Denmark

 Meditation with mantras has been the key to awaken inner spiritual wisdom for thousands of years in India. 

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Santhi Yoga for ZAC activists at the UN Climate Conference COP21 in Paris.

From 7th Dec 2015 Till 11th Dec 2015  |  Le Centquatre, 5 Rue Curial, 75019 Paris

I am really looking forward to going to Paris for the United Nations COP21 Climate Change Conference. I will be giving classes to all the NGO activist, who are standing up for our environment. Life as an activist can be hard and ungrateful, and I would like to share some spiritual tools that they can use to strengthen their body and mind in their effort to create union and balance on a personal and global level.

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Individual Sessions in Copenhagen & Herning

From 20th Sep 2015 Till 5th Oct 2015  |  Various locations (Herning, Århus, Copenhagen)

The best way for you to get the specific tools matching to your needs is to have an individual session. In the session Govind will talk with you and learn about your body-mind constitution, your temperament and personality and your current life situation (stress level, diet and general life habits).

Read more about sessions in Herning and Copenhagen


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Yoga – the Spiritual Path of Oneness, Aarhus Denmark

From 3rd Oct 2015 Till 3rd Oct 2015  |  KROP-SIND-ÅND Helsemesser, Ceres Park Århus (= tidl. NRGi Park/Århus Stadion) Stadion Allé 70 8000 Århus C

The search of peace is within each and every human being. It exists in each community, in all corners of the world and it expresses itself in various forms. The actual meaning of the word YOGA is union and it is a spiritual path that offers many tools for the individual spiritual seeker.

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Santhi Yoga Weekend: Yoga & Ayurveda

From 18th Sep 2015 Till 20th Sep 2015  |  Priya Yoga Shala - Grace Tours, Østerbrogade 52, 2100 Copenhagen

Friday 18th: Introduction: about Santhi Yoga, Ayurveda and our retreats and activities in Denmark and India. 

Saturday 19tt: Yoga & Ayurveda workshopIn this workshop you learn how Yoga and Ayurveda is interconnected. You will be introduced to the principle of five elements, the three Gunas and to understanding the Tridoshas of Ayurveda.  Learn how to use basic Ayurvedic knowledge to find your own specific needs and remedies in your personal approach to yoga.

Sunday 20th: Group Meditation & Satsang

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From passion to compassion: in medborgarskolan, Lund, Sweden.

From 13th Sep 2015 Till 13th Sep 2015  |  Medborgarskolan, K-Yoga. Ö. Mårtensgatan 15, Lund Sweden

There are different kinds of love and looking at the spiritual journey from passionet love to compassionet love is a beatiful way to enter the essense of spiritual yoga.

In this course Govind will pass on tools that are easy to implement as a spiritual habit in your daily life. Tools that make you connect to inner peace, cultivates patience, wisdom and spiritual life reflection.

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Pranayama & Authentic Spiritual Yoga with Govind, Malmo, Sweden

From 12th Sep 2015 Till 12th Sep 2015  |  Yoga Kendra AB Friisgatan 6 C 211 46 Malmö Sweden

Pranayama is an ancient method to “direct the life energy” and a direct shortcut to the mind. It’s foundation is based on simple breathing techniques that have been proven to cure diseases, stress and emotional imbalance. .

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Mini Retreat

From 23rd May 2015 Till 25th May 2015  |  Bredgade 27-33, 7400 Herning, Danmark

I denne fordybelsesweekend har vi tid til at folde yogaen ud og gå dybere ind i dens spirituelle tilgang til livet. Vi arbejder både dybdegående med fysiske, mentale og energi-baserede øvelser og du får undervisning i yogaens genveje til  dine indre dybere bevidsthedslag.

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